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On the road, at home or in the office, Durabook is ready when you are. Durabook's magnesium case, spill resistant and shock resistant features protect your notebook from accidents wherever they may happen. Featuring state of the art mobile technology, the Durabook is built to protect your data and your investment from mishaps that occur under real world conditions. Durabook is manufactured by Twinhead International Corporation, who for over 20 years has been a premier supplier of innovative notebook computers and the first manufacturer to bring rugged notebooks to the general consumer market with its Durabook brand. So if you're looking for the latest technology, and outstanding reliability and performance all in a durable package, then take a look at the Durabook.

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Rugged Tablets

R11 U12C T7M




R11 is a fully-rugged tablet
which is mid-sized,
light weight, and for both
indoor and outdoor usage.
Durabook U12C is the lights
and most versatile convertible
notebook to pass MIL-STD
810G for Drop, Vibration...
T7M is a fully-ruggedized
tablet with light weight
perfect size which is
convenient and popular

The fully rugged Durabook
R13C is manufactured for
the mobile computing...