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On the road, at home or in the office, Durabook is ready when you are. Durabook's magnesium case, spill resistant and shock resistant features protect your notebook from accidents wherever they may happen. Featuring state of the art mobile technology, the Durabook is built to protect your data and your investment from mishaps that occur under real world conditions. Durabook is manufactured by Twinhead International Corporation, who for over 20 years has been a premier supplier of innovative notebook computers and the first manufacturer to bring rugged notebooks to the general consumer market with its Durabook brand. So if you're looking for the latest technology, and outstanding reliability and performance all in a durable package, then take a look at the Durabook.

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AC Adaptor

AC Adaptor-65W Lithium Battery 9 cell Battery

ac dapter 65w

9cell battery

sa14 battery

Suitable for Durabook S13,S14,R15,U14,U12

Suitable for Durabook S15 series

For Durabook S15 Series Black-9 Cell Black 9 Cell battery for Durabook SA14
Polymer Lithium Battery Lithium Cell Office Dock 15.6" Travel Carrying Case


u12c battery

t7m dock

Longer Battery Life for Durabook S15AB

Slim U12C 6 Cell Battery

Easy Office dock for Durabook tablet Light & stylish
RS232 Serial Module WAN Module Vehicle Dock Durabook Stylus Pen

u12c mod 1

u12c mod 3

u12c dock


For those serious about Serial Port For those who love outdoor wireless broadband On the go in vehicle communication for Precise navigation and handwriting
USB External Slim Drive 
Durabook In-vehicle Car/Air/Boat Charger

Portable USB External Slim DVDRW drive suitable for U12C & Tablet For immediate power in the Car/Air/Boat