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Astronix Technology is a major portable notebook computers manufacturer and, with Twinhead as our manufacturing partner, has over 10 years of distributing experience in Australia and New Zealand. Astronix has positioned itself as one of the largest supplier of innovative notebook computers and the main official distributor and Service Centre for Durabook Mobile rugged laptop products in Australia and New Zealand.

Astronix's mission is to continuously strive for technological advancement, product quality and customer satisfaction. Our partners manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and Mainland China. Because of our worldwide associate presence, we are capable of responding to the needs of portable computer users worldwide. Astronix listens closely to the market and develops products that are in demand. Astronix is proud to deliver the highest quality products available at the most competitive pricing possible.

Twinhead, with over 25 years of manufacturing experience in the worldwide market,  has consistently produced award-winning notebooks. Beginning with the 386sx to the most current Intel® Mobile Centrino, Twinhead has been there every step of the way. As a matter of fact, we remain two steps ahead! Today, in order to benefit mobile users worldwide, Astronix has brought the next generation notebook with ruggedized features to the government, corporate and mass consumer market.

Twinhead Competitive Strength

High Quality Customization Service

With great engineering capability, production, quality control, and customer-oriented service, Twinhead is able to offer not only customized designs for application for different industries, but also offers reliable products with high quality through process and quality management. Twinhead has built a good reputation among global customers of different industries with its past performance and track-records.

Currently, Twinhead provides products and service to various industry sectors including military, police, government agencies, education, retailing, transportation/distribution, warehousing, healthcare, and commercial institutions.

Rigorous Product Development Process

To meet the requirements of high-quality and unique features for IPC market, R&D team of Twinhead has insisted on a strict product development process. From the initial concept, design/engineering, test/verification all the way to mass production, each step is tightly connected within the framework of customer’s demands. It is to ensure the right technology is incorporated and correct measurements for quality are built along the way. With this process, Twinhead is able to provide products that are fully compliant with the requirements of customers.

Advanced R&D Team

The RD team of Twinhead encompasses: (1) Electronic Engineering (2) Mechanical Engineering (3) Software Engineering (4) Thermal Design (5) Radio Frequency Engineering (6) EMI/Safety (7) Design Quality Assurance. They are the most valuable asset of Twinhead. Together, they form the core engine to provide impetus for product advancement and push the envelope of technology front.

Beside their technical expertise, Twinhead RD has accumulated enough working experience to have a macro view on system architecture level and how they fit into the actual applications in field. Add that to their understanding of integration of different technologies, Twinhead RD is able to create the most suitable system for customers.

Highly Flexible and Fast Responding SCM System

As IPC is a computer system customized for specific purpose for customers/industries and is to be deployed in field, it is characterized by long life cycle and small quantity/multiple SKUs. Thus, in addition to design and product-customized capabilities, Twinhead define and manage every production process with caution. Our unique SCM/production system allows us to provide high flexibility and fast response to customers so they may prosper in a market of volatile demands and excruciating service terms.


Green Product – A better tomorrow

Durabook is committed to manufacturing every product in an eco friendly way. All Durabook rugged computers are engineered green and produced in "Clean Factories". 100% of the created wastes are recycled properly. Durabook constantly produces products and every material that are safe for people and the environment. For example, all Durabook rugged computers are made using lead-free solder, and makes RoHS compliant products.
Continually decreasing the impact on the earth is our constant mission. In the Green Plan 2011, Durabook has planed several goals including reducing carbon dioxide emissions, making every product a green product, making every factory a clean factory.


Minimizing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Durabook is taking carbon dioxide emissions to its critical management policy with an approach to protect earth and reduce green house effects.

Making Every Product Green
Durabook is dedicates to manufacture Green Products to enforce environmental protection standards such as low greenhouse gas emissions and increase the efficiency of resource utilization.

Making Every Factory Clean
Durabook takes a great effort in recycling more than 90% of its produced waste and uses eco-friendly coating on outer walls.

Durabook is committed to green IT products and environmental protection. We implement strict policy to ensure that our material parts, products, packaging and manufacturing process will fulfill the following environmental requirements:
ISO ISO14001 
RoHS Directive Certification 
WEEE Directive Certification 
Battery Directive Certification 
Packaging Directive Certification 
PFOS Directive Certification


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